We love to create, we love food, we love to share. So here it is, all in one place. Come on in and enjoy! 
     The Webers - Pia, Sarah, Thomas, Adam and Christoph

Extremely quick, easy and yummy dessert.

Adam holding a bottle of vanilla syrup

This is wonderful as a topping for desserts or to sweeten and flavor drinks.

Roll the gingerbread dough into thin sheets and bake it well. Let cool.
Add lemon juice slowly to the powdered sugar and mix until you have a thick paste - this will be your "glue".
Cut gingerbread into shapes to make walls, roof halves and other parts of your house. Be creative here, but remember that intricate designs will be really hard to put together, and much harder to keep together.

Taking the lane with our green cargo - Christmas tree transport by bike

Pia mentioned as a joke sometime last week at the dinner table that we should go buy our Christmas tree by bike. Everybody laughed, and went "why not?". Pia immediately texted Thomas about the crazy idea, who responded he wanted to be part, and so we were committed. Today around lunch time Thomas arrived and we took off for Miramar Nursery despite a light drizzle.

Orange Chicken

I love orange chicken. In this particular recipe I added much more orange, ginger, and garlic than most recipes to make it mouth watering and delicious.

A large plate full of bacon-wrapped brussel sprouts

This was our Thanksgiving Day appetizer and stole the show. Sorry Mr. Turkey!

Greeting card with scrap of paper and fabric

At the moment I am creating greeting cards. I have a box full of scrap paper, labels and other things I collect from different sources.

I assemble them and make them into cards like the one above. Years ago I taught art classes and my students of many years knew that almost everything we used to create with had a story and asked for it. So, I tell you the story of the fabric piece in the middle of this card.

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