Yummy and moist muffins which will always remind me of Berkeley Bowl in the Bay area and when I helped my daughter Sarah move back to San Diego. Try them they are very delicious!

This is a wonderful cake which is not too sweet, rich in fruit and nourishing. It is the favorite cake of our oldest son Thomas. You can substitute any fresh fruit. Growing up in Switzerland this dish was cooked almost every Friday. First course was the same dish prepared with veggies; kind of a quiche really and the second course was the sweet version.

Congestion / cold / flu tea -

This tea works better for us than most over-the-counter medicines, and it tastes really nice. Our kids often prepare it just for the enjoyment.

Cinnamon Star Swiss Christmas cookies

Another of those yummy Christmas cookies we bake in Switzerland. This cookie contains mostly almonds and has no flour in it. A very good gluten-free choice.
Enjoy making and eating them.

Traditional Swiss Chraebeli christmas cookies

This is another traditional Christmas cookie we love.

A delicious lime juice based fajita marinade.

Delicious artisan bread with very minimal effort. (Just takes time!)
Eat it for breakfast, use it for sandwiches, fashion it into an appetizer, or serve it alongside a soup for dinner.

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