This is my favorite tomato salad, and trust me, that is no small feat: I LOVE tomatoes and eat them by the pound when they are in season (preferably fresh-picked from the garden). This is a true Italian recipe out of a cookbook Mom bought in Italy. With recipes that are this good, let's hope she continues practicing her Italian by translating recipes from it into English for all of us!

There are an abundant amount of different chai recipes. This one I tried yesterday for the first time and I love it.

Garbanzo Bean Soup in our awesome blue bowls

A few weeks ago we had a heavenly garbanzo bean soup in a small café in Fallbrook. I tried to recreate the same soup. I did not achieve this but created another really delicious soup. Very satisfying on an empty stomach.

Mom gave me this recipe years ago. It is perfect for a cold fall or winter evening, either as an appetizer or served together with bread as a main dish.

Dad and I came up with this while he was visiting this weekend. It is delicious! We decided on the title because the veggies in it are all in season right now. In fact, the zucchini, tomatoes, and thyme are all from the shared garden in my apartment complex and we picked them right before cooking this.

Mama Pia Cake

Try this cake. It's so wonderfully delicious!

This is my favorite salsa and a must whenever I make Mexican food or want to snack on tortilla chips.

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