Versatile display frame

the versatile art frame adorned with travel photos

4 pieces of bamboo, lengths determined by the space you want to hang the frame
wire, preferably decorative (we used gardening wire encased in twine)
hot glue
2 metal hooks

I stole this idea from a flower shop in La Jolla where they had long stems of exotic flowers artfully displayed in a bamboo frame, but I extended the concept. You can put just about anything into this frame, just use your imagination. In our house we have mounted flowers, tree branches, cloth, origami pieces and much more, all with great results.

Cut the bamboo pieces to the desired length, and tie them together with the wire. Tighten wire with pliers by twisting hard, you want the frame to be reasonably stable and keep its shape more or less on its own. Mount the metal hooks to the ceiling or wall where you want the frame to hang. Use string to hang the frame from the hooks. Now you have the basics.

The versatility is added with string runners: Cut string pieces of about 1.5x the frame length. Tie 1" diameter loops into the strings at irregular intervals, about every four inches or so. Tie the string pieces lengthwise to the frame - best if also spaced slightly irregularly at about 3" distance each.

Now you have an irregular grid of loops which you can use to hold items, and the strings themselves can serve to hold items as well. In the image above I used document clamps to affix the photos to the strings. The horsetail pieces are run through several loops each and stay in place simply by friction.

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