By Pia

Delicious! This is a recipe from a wonderful cookbook- Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi.

Swiss Nussknusperli Christmas Cookies

These are an easy and delicious type of Swiss Christmas cookies.

Swis Spitzbuben Christmas Cookies

The name of these cookies means "mischievous boy." The jam peeking out is like a mischievous boy sneaking a peek.

Swiss Gewürzschnittli Christmas Cookies

Traditionally in Switzerland we bake at least 4 different kinds of Christmas cookies during the Holidays. Our family does about 6 kinds. This cookie recipe is quick and easy and very delicious.

You would never guess that this pumpkin pie is vegan!

Aubergines topped with tomato and yoghurt, served with quinoa and salad

This is a recipe from the cookbook "Favorite Indian Food" by Diane Seed. And boy it is sooooo good. I serve it with rice and salad and I always hope for leftovers. I spread the eggplants on a fresh baked roll for lunch the day after and after eating it I am a very happy person.
I love spices! And the tomatoes with the ginger and garlic make such a nice flavor on the eggplants.

Today we have our oldest son with his girlfriend over for dinner. Besides looking forward to spending time with them I am excited about eating a nice meal. Sitting at the dinner table is something we enjoy the most. Talking, eating and sitting and talking some more is such a joy and makes us feel connected to each other. And when the food is delicious, even the better.
First I will serve a mixed salad with a balsamic olive oil dressing. A side note to mixed salad: I am a bit obsessed with vegetables. My mixed salads have ten different vegetables in it.