Blackberry Sorbet


The blackberry bushes growing along the fence of my apartment complex are overflowing with ripe berries, so I froze half of the ones I picked, intending to keep them for use in smoothies and/or berry pies/crumbles in the fall. But when craving a cold dessert on a hot evening, I decided to try making a sorbet out of them. It was absolutely delicious!

Blackberry Sorbet

3 cups frozen blackberries
water, just enough to blend
sugar, to taste (I used 2 teaspoons, as I wanted the flavor of the berries to stand out without the sorbet being super sweet, however for a more traditional sorbet, you will want to use more sugar)

Put berries, sugar, and a bit of water in the blender. Add more water as necessary until the berries are blended properly but it still have a sorbet-like consistency (you do not want it to be as liquid as a smoothie). Add sugar as necessary.

Note: This will be much easier to make if you have a good blender, as you will need to add very little water to get the blender going. I am lucky enough to have gotten a Vita-Mix blender (the best on the market with a high power motor -it can even make nut butters out of whole nuts) from a friend, so I had no problems. If you have a less powerful blender and need to add more water in order to get it to blend, you might want to consider freezing the sorbet for a bit after blending until it is right consistency.

Variation: Use any type of frozen fruit, adjusting sugar as necessary. This is perfect when you have over-ripe or bruised fruit at home, or wish to buy those for very cheap at the Farmer's Market: just cut them up and freeze them. I did this with pluots and yellow and white nectarines that I got at the Farmer's Market today, and then added some blackberries to make sorbet. It was even better than just blackberries because the pluots and nectarines are incredibly sweet!

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