Congestion / cough / flu Tea


This tea works better for us than most over-the-counter medicines, and it tastes really nice. Our kids often prepare it just for the enjoyment.

Congestion / cold / flu tea -

- a few slices of fresh or frozen ginger root, as much as you can stomach
(note: ginger can be kept in a plastic bag in the freezer for months and sliced while frozen)
- juice of half a lemon or a whole lime, whichever you prefer and have handy
- a teaspoon of loose-leaf black tea, or one teabag - you can also substitute green or Oolong tea
- honey

Heat the tea water, then add the ginger slices and simmer for a few minutes to extract as much of its good stuff as possible. Take off the heat and add the black tea and lemon juice. After a few minutes, strain out the ginger and black tea.

Sweeten with honey to taste. You can keep it on the tart side and enjoy the tea Pia-style, or you can add lots of honey to make it sweet and sticky, which is how the Weber guys prefer it.

Enjoy the tea really hot!

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