Spring Rolls served with Sweet Chili Sauce

Though known as an appetizer, we most often eat them for lunch. If you plan to serve them as a main dish, plan on using one time this recipe per adult, so that they get 4 rolls each. Also, we prefer them stuffed with only tofu and vegetables, so we omitted the rice noodles that typically are part of the stuffing.

The secret of this basic bread dough is that flour is added to the liquids, rather than the other way round, which is what most regular bread recipes call for. Adding flour into the liquid allows the gluten and fibers to absorb more water, and as a result you get a more pliable dough and a moister, less crumbly bread. In other words, your bread tastes better! We learned this technique through Patricia Wells' excellent book At Home in Provence. In our house we use freshly ground spelt flour, but any good quality bread flour will work. Be creative and try to add other grains than wheat or spelt. Just keep wheat or spelt to 50% or more to provide gluten which makes your bread springy.

Chai Latte topped with ground cinnamon and cocoa powder

One of our favorite teas, this one is perfect for any time of the day.  It is also a wonderful replacement for coffee!

A great cake recipe with non-dairy cream that's better than its dairy siblings.

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