Antique finds

Pia's butler chair

Casual browsing at Wynola Junction Antiques and Wynola Farms Marketplace turned into a very productive shopping trip. Here's what we found and where it is going in our home:

the butler chair - helps with dressing and holds clothes for the night, proudly stationed at the foot of the bed

llama wool - shorn from proud and impressive Dakota, nearly black, slightly heathered, it will be knit into a warm scarf

a cute little shelf - perfect for the master bath

iridescent teardrop garden lights - hung along the eaves below the jasmine branches

old fashioned metal garden seed ad sign - above the stove in our kitchen

The Butler Chair

Who doesn't have the perpetual disarray of clothes in the bedroom, not going into the closet for some reason, but not into the hamper for another? So these clothes are in temporary limbo, and there's never a good place for them. In our master bedroom, a perfectly good chair and a perfectly usable chandelier serve as holders for those clothing items. Not anymore for Pia, for the Butler Chair was built for the purpose. It has a clothes hanger back with a second piece above and can take care of those stray clothing items elegantly. The seat is a bit lower, so you can comfortably reach your feet while putting on socks and shoes, and when seated you can effortlessly slip into the jacket hanging from the clothes hanger back. Simply genius! And then there's the secret compartment under the seat. Pia is in love!

Dakota's llama wool

Robin Bohac runs Starlight Valley Llamas in El Cajon, and produces yarn from the llama fleeces. She sells her yarn and many others in a nice little store, Specialty Yarn and Llamas in the Wynola Farms Marketplace. For us a nearly black llama yarn had a special appeal, and looked exceptional against Pia's skin. Robin told us it comes from Dakota and showed us a photo of him. He is a large, magnificient llama with a coat ranging from chocolate brown to black. Robin leaves the wool as is, just sorts fibers into colors, so what you see on the animal is what you get to work with.

The cute little shelf

Actually the first find, this white shelf just cried out to hang from our blue bathroom wall according to Pia, and I had to agree. Pia handed it to the shop keeper and let the resident cat guard it while we continued exploring the shop.

Iridescent Teardrop Garden lights

It's not like we don't already have a collection of lights strung through our garden, but we've never seen any like these. So in the shopping bag they went, and now they proudly hang along the eaves in our backyard, below the jasmine branches.

The garden seed sign

I've always been a sucker for old fashioned metal signs, leafing through stacks wherever I'd find them. But I never bought one - wonder why? This time however, one had "Weber's kitchen" written all over it, and in the bag it went. It is a reproduction of an advertisement for garden seeds from J.M.Phillips and Sons, a company probably long gone, but it will live in our home and help create the right mood for cooking fine meals.

the butler chair has a secret compartment
The Butler Chair has a little, secret compartment under the seat which swings out and is perfect for stashing away jewelry or other small items.
pure llama wool from Specialty Yarn
This is undyed pure llama wool. Dakota's fleece is going to be a very special scarf.
the cute little white shelf is a great addition to our bathroom
The cute little white shelf is a great addition to our bathroom, and looks perfect against the blue wall (which is one of those "I just had to do it" Pia ideas).
Iridescent Teardrop Garden lights
The iridescent teardrop garden lights strung out on our bench, before I mounted them in the backyard.
Teardrop Garden Lights mounted and lit
Teardrop Garden Lights mounted and lit.
old fashioned garden seeds sign
This old fashioned metal sign advertising garden seeds is going to have a special place above the stove in our kitchen.
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I have the same chair, I found it at an antique show in Alameda, CA in the 1990's...

I have one of these chairs I got at rummage are they worth any kind of money ?