Art Shelf

The art shelf, mounted high on the wall
  • 1" x 4" wood plank, buy a length which is close to your desired shelf length and presanded on all four sides
  • 1/4" x 1" wood strip(s), enough to form a lip along your plank
  • Minwax Tung Oil finish
  • 4 right angle brackets
  • wood screws
  • stud sensor, level, screw driver

This is an idea we had for a very long time, but never got around to actually build. Then we saw this version by Erin Loechner and everything came together. Her idea to mount the shelf up high, and installing the brackets on top of the shelf seal the deal. Genius!

To build the shelf, cut the wood strips to size to match your plank length and desired lip height. Glue lip and plank together. Plane or sand flat where the lip is not completely flush with the plank's underside. Apply finish and let it cure. Then figure out where exactly you want to place the shelf, use the stud sensor to find locations for the brackets and attach brackets to shelf and wall, taking care to keep everything level. It really helps to mount the shelf as a team of two. Now we need to attack the mess on the floor! :-)

Add some handcrafted ceramics from Momma DOOD for a great display.

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I love the shelf and the mess on the bottom is NOT a mess. Looks compfy to me. And believe me it is :-)