Greeting card with scrap of paper and fabric

At the moment I am creating greeting cards. I have a box full of scrap paper, labels and other things I collect from different sources.

I assemble them and make them into cards like the one above. Years ago I taught art classes and my students of many years knew that almost everything we used to create with had a story and asked for it. So, I tell you the story of the fabric piece in the middle of this card.

Zen background in display frame

Inspired by a page sent to us by our dear friend Susi Niederberger I set out to rework the display frame. The goal was to use vertical sticks, loosely placed, and randomly placed horizontal sticks to create a zen-like backdrop, on which to display just a few select photos.

the versatile art frame adorned with travel photos

I stole this idea from a flower shop in La Jolla where they had long stems of exotic flowers artfully displayed in a bamboo frame, but I extended the concept. You can put just about anything into this frame, just use your imagination. In our house we have mounted flowers, tree branches, cloth, origami pieces and much more, all with great results.

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