Christmas tree shopping by bike

Taking the lane with our green cargo - Christmas tree transport by bike
Leave the car at home, it's more fun - Christmas tree transport by bike

Pia mentioned as a joke sometime last week at the dinner table that we should go buy our Christmas tree by bike. Everybody laughed, and went "why not?". Pia immediately texted Thomas about the crazy idea, who responded he wanted to be part, and so we were committed. Today around lunch time Thomas arrived and we took off for Miramar Nursery despite a light drizzle.

There were only five trees left, but one suited us fine. We had the tree packed into a net for ease of transport, although in hindsight we could have managed just as well without. Thomas and I started off, grabbing either end of the tree and riding side by side. Really not a problem, and not very heavy either. Later on Adam took over Thomas' end on the fly (added fun, of course), and a bit further on Thomas took over my end with his fresh arm.

Given the width of our cargo we took the lane. Sarah had camera duty, and Pia and the free guy were security detail front, side and back. People in cars honked, waved, or simply stared, and we had an absolute blast! One car, intending to turn right onto Gullstrand decided to stay behind us for a couple hundred feet and enjoy the fun for a while.

... to think I am related to you all. Ah well, could have done much worse. Sorry I missed the fun. Merry Christmas to you all, Monika