Cinnamon Star Swiss Christmas cookies

Another of those yummy Christmas cookies we bake in Switzerland. This cookie contains mostly almonds and has no flour in it. A very good gluten-free choice.
Enjoy making and eating them.

Produce sticker codes tell you whether it is organic, conventional, or GMO

Even though California voters decided that they don't want labeling of food sourced from genetically modified organisms, you can still tell. Just learn the codes on the standard produce stickers and choose wisely.

A 5 digit code starting with 8 is GMO food - avoid. A 4 digit code is conventionally grown produce - keep moving. A 5 digit code starting with 9 is organic produce - bingo! It's as easy as that. I may just learn to love those stickers after all. (I have a long standing hatred of stickers on food and in my compost.)

Traditional Swiss Chraebeli christmas cookies

This is another traditional Christmas cookie we love.

Zucchini and Crook Neck Squash from the Weber's garden

Pia is so psyched that this year we get a real bounty of summer squash from our own garden. For some reason this never worked well for us in previous years, even though summer squashes are supposedly very easy to grow. Regardless, it is such a pleasure to harvest today's dinner in your own garden and eat it as fresh as can be. Tomorrow there will be more, and the day after even more. Come for dinner!

A delicious lime juice based fajita marinade.

Delicious artisan bread with very minimal effort. (Just takes time!)
Eat it for breakfast, use it for sandwiches, fashion it into an appetizer, or serve it alongside a soup for dinner.

Vegan/Vegetarian Tortilla Soup in blue bowl with toppings in bowls behind it

Potatoes, black beans, and corn add substance to this vegan/vegetarian tortilla soup to make it healthy, filling and absolutely delicious. I promise that no one will miss the chicken that is customarily put into tortilla soup. And, if you have any leftovers, the soup is just as good then next day, as long as you make sure to bake up some fresh tortilla strips.

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