A yummy and healthy vegan snack or appetizer.

Lemon Curd in Teacup

This is my version of a wonderful lemon curd. Eat it or spread it onto fresh baked bread, scones, or whatever you fancy. Don't skimp on the lemon juice or zest!

The finished coffee table in use - note the colored streaks in the canary wood

Pia and I had spotted canary wood at Cut & Dried Hardwood (now sadly gone) a few years back, fell in love with its crazy colored stripes, and wanted to create a furniture piece with it. However, for lack of time and energy nothing ever happened. Then, two months ago, our need for another small table became urgent, and the plans finally coalesced.

Refurbished Brooks saddle

First off I have to say that the only reason one should want to restore a Brooks saddle is if the leather is in usable condition. If the leather is too worn to recondition there is no point in keeping the old rails and mounting new leather, just go buy a new saddle from Brooks (they are not that expensive). The only reason I say this is because in my quest to refurbishing my saddle I did lots of research and found many people were trying to restore old seats with new leather, which makes no sense because the worn in leather is the only part that makes the seat worth restoring.

The lovely texture and red-brown color of our rooibos chai mix

This is a caffeine-free chai version, based on the Chai recipe Sarah posted last year - which in turn is a recipe she inherited from Pia, so we're going full circle here. We used to buy a rooibos chai mix at a local Indian supermarket, but this version is much better (if I say so myself), and will definitely become a staple on our tea shelf.

An alternative to cheese powders, nutritional yeast as the name states is not only yummy and has taste qualities similar to cheese but is also very healthy.

Using healthier alternatives to white flour makes it hard to create the traditional soft chewy chocolate chip cookies, but with this recipe I was finally able to achieve it.

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