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     The Webers - Pia, Sarah, Thomas, Adam and Christoph

Delicious! This is a recipe from a wonderful cookbook- Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi.

Our Tangelo tree on Dec. 4, heavy with fruit

This year our little 4 ft Tangelo tree didn't just have lots of sweet smelling flowers - next to Jasmine, this tree has the most amazing scent of all plants in our garden! After flowering the tree set a load of fruit and the little green balls kept on growing. Usually, most of its fruit shrivel and fall off in short order, but not this time! By mid May we knew we'd have some nice Tangelos come Fall. Around Thanksgiving the little tree was laden with fruit and we anxiously kept checking whether they were ripe enough.

Swiss Nussknusperli Christmas Cookies

These are an easy and delicious type of Swiss Christmas cookies.

Swis Spitzbuben Christmas Cookies

The name of these cookies means "mischievous boy." The jam peeking out is like a mischievous boy sneaking a peek.

Swiss Gewürzschnittli Christmas Cookies

Traditionally in Switzerland we bake at least 4 different kinds of Christmas cookies during the Holidays. Our family does about 6 kinds. This cookie recipe is quick and easy and very delicious.

You would never guess that this pumpkin pie is vegan!

Pia's butler chair

The Butler Chair

Who doesn't have the perpetual disarray of clothes in the bedroom, not going into the closet for some reason, but not into the hamper for another? So these clothes are in temporary limbo, and there's never a good place for them. In our master bedroom, a perfectly good chair and a perfectly usable chandelier serve as holders for those clothing items. Not anymore for Pia, for the Butler Chair was built for the purpose. It has a clothes hanger back with a second piece above and can take care of those stray clothing items elegantly. The seat is a bit lower, so you can comfortably reach your feet while putting on socks and shoes, and when seated you can effortlessly slip into the jacket hanging from the clothes hanger back. Simply genius! And then there's the secret compartment under the seat. Pia is in love!

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