Delicious Panang Curry. Make with chicken, beef, pork, duck, mock chicken, or whatever suits your fancy.

Sunday Dinner

Today for dinner I made a spiced brown rice, which had spices like cardamom, cloves, peppercorns and safflower in it. The sautéed Tofu dish was spiced with Bragg's Amino Liquid, hot chili sauce, nutritional yeast and had steamed broccoli, sautéed onions and fresh pressed garlic mixed into it. Along side I steamed artichokes.

Seat cushion made from recycled coffee bag -

The secret here is how to achieve a snug fit of the coffee bad around the foam without rubbing your knuckles raw as you pull the bag over the foam. We have made mattresses and seat cushions before, and while the results were great, it took a week or longer for our fingers and knuckles to recover from the ordeal. As Pia was discussing our plans for the coffee bags with friends, they sagely nodded and said they'd been do this road before and had to pay with blood. We were not looking forward to that! Then Pia came up with the glorious idea of using a trash bag to reduce friction and tears.

We support a family business which creates those wonderful three flavored Bitchin' Sauces. We discovered them at our Farmer's Market. Every weekend when we're at the Hillcrest Farmer's Market we buy this amazing sauce. And we continue to support and buy their sauces and hope you will too.
There are moments when we are desperate and have to fall back on making it ourselves. So here is a really good recipe with small adjustments, it is yummy!

Use it to dip fresh veggies for appetizer or snack. Use it in burritos, over rice and beans or? You'll come up with many more ideas, I am sure of it.

Yummy and moist muffins which will always remind me of Berkeley Bowl in the Bay area and when I helped my daughter Sarah move back to San Diego. Try them they are very delicious!

This is a wonderful cake which is not too sweet, rich in fruit and nourishing. It is the favorite cake of our oldest son Thomas. You can substitute any fresh fruit. Growing up in Switzerland this dish was cooked almost every Friday. First course was the same dish prepared with veggies; kind of a quiche really and the second course was the sweet version.

Congestion / cold / flu tea -

This tea works better for us than most over-the-counter medicines, and it tastes really nice. Our kids often prepare it just for the enjoyment.

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