Banana Split


Extremely quick, easy and yummy dessert.

Banana Split

4 bananas (1 per person)
ice cream (1-2 scoops per person)
100 grams of chocolate
milk or soymilk

Place the chocolate into a small pan and add a dash of milk to it. Set the heat to medium low and follow the next steps coming back to stir it occasionally.

Slice the bananas into rings. Place these into the bowl which you will serve the dish in. I prefer bowls over plates because the ice cream tends to melt and it can get messy with plates.

Place one or two scoops of your preferred ice cream into each bowl.

Check back on the chocolate mixture and add more milk if needed. The texture should be similar to that of syrup. Using a tablespoon scoop out the chocolate and pour it over the ice cream and bananas. More or less chocolate can be added to taste.

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sounds familiar. ;)