By Pia

spooning passionfruit pulp

This recipe is adapted from Donna Hay's recipe from her cookbook "Seasons". Here I put less sugar and substituted freshly ground whole spelt flour for the flour and brown sugar instead of caster sugar.

It was hard to decide which cake to make, this passion fruit cake or a fig upside down cake. We found both fruits at the Farmers Market today and bought both. I guess today it is one cake and maybe later in the week the other. Why not? Life should be enjoyed in many sweet ways. I love this cake. And the good thing is when you don't want to eat so much cake all by yourself you can give away slices of it and people will love you for it!

Nectarine tart looking really yummy

Knitting club meets once a month. That gives me an opportunity to bake something. In August, this was the cake I baked and everybody loved it!

Vegetable Quiche on our outside table with the garden in the background

I am obsessed with vegetables! Every meal, I have this habit to have at least 10 different kinds of vegetables and with this quiche, it is very easy to manage that!

grilled mushrooms, fried new potatoes, radishes and cooked radish greens

This dinner was so good and satisfying: Roasted new potatoes with garlic, baked mushroom medley with rosemary and garlic, radishes halved, topped with a hint of butter and Himalayan pink salt, steamed radish greens with lemon juice, steamed corn coated with olive oil, and avocado halves with lemon juice.

And for dessert: fresh strawberries quartered mixed with lemon juice, creme fraîche and home made vanilla sugar.

A yummy and healthy vegan snack or appetizer.

Lemon Curd in Teacup

This is my version of a wonderful lemon curd. Eat it or spread it onto fresh baked bread, scones, or whatever you fancy. Don't skimp on the lemon juice or zest!

Greeting card with scrap of paper and fabric

At the moment I am creating greeting cards. I have a box full of scrap paper, labels and other things I collect from different sources.

I assemble them and make them into cards like the one above. Years ago I taught art classes and my students of many years knew that almost everything we used to create with had a story and asked for it. So, I tell you the story of the fabric piece in the middle of this card.