Using healthier alternatives to white flour makes it hard to create the traditional soft chewy chocolate chip cookies, but with this recipe I was finally able to achieve it.

Extremely quick, easy and yummy dessert.

Adam holding a bottle of vanilla syrup

This is wonderful as a topping for desserts or to sweeten and flavor drinks.

Orange Chicken

I love orange chicken. In this particular recipe I added much more orange, ginger, and garlic than most recipes to make it mouth watering and delicious.

A large plate full of bacon-wrapped brussel sprouts

This was our Thanksgiving Day appetizer and stole the show. Sorry Mr. Turkey!

Saturday Morning Scones ready for breakfast

This is my take on the Corn Scones recipe from the Moosewood Restaurant Collective. I normally leave out their cornmeal, substituting it with our freshly ground spelt flour. The currants and lemon zest can be replaced with whatever you have on hand and feel like. In our kitchen we often use walnuts, dried cranberries or apricot paste (a thick sheet of fruit roll-up available at Arabian markets).
On weekends when we feel like something special for breakfast, this is our go-to recipe.

Pumpkin Bread displayed on our colorful Turkish serving plate

I am sitting here with a cup of green tea called Tribute to the Immortals and enjoy a slice of this delicious cake. I received this recipe from a friend and adopted it. I should do my Italian homework but I think I rather have another piece of this wonderful cake. I am sure you will love it!

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